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Adopted companion animals require an adjustment period after placement. Volunteers from ADITR attempt to housebreak and socialize the animals available for adoption. However, adopters must realize that accidents will happen, particularly with animals in the beginning of the adjustment period.  It will take some time for most of the animals to learn the habits and routines of their new households. Likewise, adopters need to take the time to learn the animal's particular habits and preferences. Please be patient and gentle with the animal during this adjustment period. 

ADITR has made best efforts to inform you as the adopter about the adopted animal's behaviors and needs concerning training, feeding, housebreaking, and other areas observed during the animal's fostering by ADITR. This information should be useful during the transition period and we will try to help answer questions and address issues that may arise as you transition your newly adopted animal under your care. ​​

In the unfortunate event that an adopted animal bites, the adopter(s) should take the following actions:

1.  Seek medical help for any injured persons.
2.  Temporarily remove the animal and isolate him/her in an area where he/she can do no further harm.
3.  Evaluate the severity of the bite and the circumstances during which it took place.  Was the animal provoked?  Was the bite a result of the animal's being hurt or unduly stressed or frightened?  Was the bite unintentional -- i.e. did it take place because a person was attempting to break up an animal fight?  Was the animal trying to bite at a toy in the person's hand?
4.  Contact ADITR for assistance.  If it is deemed necessary, contact local Animal Control Agency to make a report of the incident.
5.  If Animal Control has been notified, the animal must be confined for the period of time required by law.  This shall be done either at Adopter's home, a veterinary clinic or hospital, or at the local Animal Control Agency.  Please contact ADITR to inquire if we have sufficient volunteers to quarantine the animal during this period of time.
6.  It must be understood that if the animal is turned over to local Animal Control, he/she may not be returned to the adopter.  In this sad event, it is highly likely the euthanasia will be administered.  It is therefore CRITICAL that ADITR is contacted before Animal Control is notified, so the best decision can be reached for all parties concerned. ​​​​​​​​​
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